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As a valued supplier of commercial laundry equipment, Speed Queen Equipment Sales keeps multiple industries across Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory running their laundry services efficiently and more sustainably. Locally owned and operated, they sought a solution to volatile energy bills that aligned with their dedication to high performance and reducing environmental impact.

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Choice Energy undertook a thorough investigation in Speed Queen Equipment Sale's current energy usage, designing and installing a 10kW solar energy system that allows them to utilise clean, sustainable solar energy and rely less on the grid.

In the first year alone, the system has performed above expectation and generated 14,029kW of energy.



This is the energy equivalent of nearly 5 tonnes of coal burned

1.2 homes total energy usage

The system has generated enough energy to power 1.2 average Australia homes per year


Expert design means the 10kW system was sized correctly for their needs to ensure a better return on investment

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