There is a range of funding and investment programs aimed at supporting renewable energy sources like solar. Factoring these cost reductions in can be challenging unless you’re across the spectrum of energy subsidies available at any one point in time. Choice Energy is! It’s our business to know, and we know you’ve got your own business to run.

As part of our commitment to reducing the cost of energy to Australian business and homes, we’ll advise you of the government incentives you will be eligible to claim. Frankly, it’s complex!

Eligibility for solar grants and renewable energy incentives

Government solar rebates, grants, subsidies and tax breaks are available for both installation and ongoing energy efficiency depending on your:

  • location: there are federal, state and local government incentive schemes available, as well as metropolitan and remote location cost incentives.
  • energy needs: there are solar incentives available for small-scale systems, residential rooftop solar, community, small market and large market consumers.
  • energy use: there are cost reductions available for off grid solar power and remote power systems, solar hot water, solar storage and community buildings and initiatives.
  • surplus energy: some energy retailers will pay you for feeding any excess energy generated by your solar system back to the grid. This payment is called a feed-in tariff and varies based on your location, and your energy retailer.

Our membership with the Clean Energy Council enables us to access federal funding for eligible customers as part of the Renewable Energy Target. This includes access to Renewable Energy Certificates including Small-scale technology certificates (STCs) and Large-scale generation certificates (LGCs). Gaining certification can generate annuity revenue or direct credits for your business depending on the size of your system generating electricity.

Determining your eligibility and applying the formulas for calculating Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) can be complex and time-consuming. We can help.

Let us save you time, effort and money

Your Choice Energy consultant can advise you which energy efficiency grants, rebates and incentives you’re eligible to benefit from.

As part of our complete energy management service, we will register you in the most relevant energy schemes to save you money, and in some cases generate you an income.

Provide us with some information about your solar energy needs, and we’ll be in contact shortly.

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