Solar Systems for Perth Businesses

Commercial solar panels are revolutionising the way thousands of companies across Perth do business.

Commercial solar systems for businesses take the roof space of one of your essential assets - your building, site or factory - and make it work even harder for you by reducing both energy costs and your carbon impact.

Making the decision to rely less on grid power is a smart way to protect your operational budget from energy volatility. With an energy market that continues to rise and fall, you can expect to see drastic changes to your expenses over the coming years. Removing your reliance on the grid means having more control over your energy costs, and with business solar rebates available, costs can be mitigated for your commercial solar panel installations in Perth.

What’s more - our aim is to make your commercial solar solution cash-flow neutral or positive from day one. By doing this, we can ensure your solar system is not only feasible but available for you as soon as possible with as reduced an upfront cost as possible.

When combined with our other services such as commercial energy broking or network tariff and demand analysis, you could soon be looking at hundreds to thousands of dollars in business energy savings each month, with minimal effort.

Benefits of Commercial Solar Installations:

Lower Energy Costs Icon

Lower energy costs

The difference to your bottom line in terms of energy spend could be as significant as hundreds to thousands of dollars saved each year

Protection Wholesale Grid

Protection against the wholesale grid

Protection against current and future energy grid fluctuations and factors outside of our control

Additional Savings Icon

Additional cost reduction opportunities

Your new post-solar energy profile could result in a new network tariff becoming available, meaning even further energy savings

Flexible Transportable Icon

Flexible and transportable

While we typically recommend you be at your site for 5+ years, solar is a transportable energy solution that can be moved to a new site if required

How Commercial Solar Systems in Perth can work for you:

Commercial solar or business solar as it’s often called, refers to commercial and industrial scale solar installations — encompassing a range of industry and customer types, solar panel designs, and project sizes.

With commercial solar PV systems, your business in Perth can generate solar electricity at a significantly lower cost than purchasing electricity from an energy supplier by harvesting the power of the sun!

With drastic increases to the wholesale energy market across the eastern seaboard in 2022, in some states, up to 300%, it’s no coincidence that savvy business owners are choosing high quality commercial solar systems in Western Australia for their factories, sites and offices to help reduce business operational costs and carbon emissions.

Did you know: 8/10 businesses are paying more for electricity than they would for their own commercial sized solar system? Request your solar feasibility check today.

Commercial Solar Industries

Partner with a trusted industry solar expert with proven results across your business sector.

Each industry has specific considerations and requirements when it comes to assessing and installing solar power, and with our extensive experience, we can guide you on the right solar system that makes the most sense for your business. Our in-house team of Clean Energy Council approved designers and commercial solar installers, and project managers can manage the most challenging projects to ensure you are saving with solar power for up to the next 25 years.

Solar for construction

Solar Power for Construction

You’re a high energy demand business, with a lot of tools and machinery. You might think that solar energy isn’t fathomable for the demand your business requires, and compromises efficiency. Solar has worked for hundreds of Australian businesses like yours and with the continued development of high quality panels, solar is here to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Solar for automotive

Solar Power for Automotive

We make it easy for busy mechanics, panel beaters and smash repair specialists to focus on what they do best, while we do the rest. We’ll walk you through not only how solar can work for your business, but also take care of keeping your remaining energy expenses down and keeping you informed and advised when it comes to changes in tech and energy.


Solar Power for Agriculture

In a complex global market, the agriculture industry is continually looking for innovative ways to reduce operational costs and saving on their energy usage is a high factor here. As high-energy users, usually with lots of space to work with, a high quality solar power installation from us may prove to be the perfect fix for your business as you strive to save now and in the future.


Solar Power for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is the country’s biggest energy user. Keeping operational costs down is important to maintain competitiveness during the current energy crisis. Many manufacturing businesses are optimising energy expenditure by using commercial solar for its full spectrum of solutions.


Solar Power for Retail

Increasing energy costs and rents are the biggest threats facing retailers and wholesalers. Solar power generation usually matches the typical retailer load profile and can therefore be an ideal solution to reduce energy costs. Solar panels can also be a good option for retailers in long term lease agreements who don’t own their space but want to reduce their operational costs.

Solar for factories

Solar Power for Factories

Solar makes your site work harder for you and provides you with peace of mind regarding your energy costs. Clean, quiet and portable, your high quality solar system is designed for you and your needs, allowing you to offset a dramatic percentage of your daytime energy costs, and potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the system.

Solar for education aged healthcare

Solar Power for Education & Healthcare

As a leader in your field, and a cornerstone for your township or suburb, your values are constantly on display for patrons and locals alike. Health care and education are united by many key values, demanding excellence, care and fortitude from all involved, and work with people at every life stage and circumstance.

Quality Commercial Solar Installers Perth

Choice Energy's expert Perth commercial solar installation team is paving the way for businesses like yours to reduce their energy costs with solar power!

A high-quality commercial solar system from Choice Energy will have a notably positive impact on the way you use power and the number you see at the bottom of your electricity bill.

Choice Energy uses your current and forecasted energy usage to understand when, where and how you use energy, to then design a system around that.

We also guarantee your solar power generation with money back if the generation falls below a minimum threshold.

CEC Accreditation + NETCC
If solar power stacks up for your business, you can pay the same amount or less for your electricity and simply use the savings that you are generating by having solar to fund the system.
Lachlan Magee, Solar Solutions Expert

Choice Energy solar for Perth business solutions:

Cashflow neutral or positive solar

To reduce an impact to cashflow for your investment, we aim to create a solution for you that is cash flow positive or neutral through clean energy financing, business solar rebates and post-solar savings from your energy bill which means you won't need to come up with a separate budget for your solution.

Quality equipment and warranties

We focus on sourcing the best and most reliable system components and panels from trusted brands across the globe, to ensure your system is configured according to our Performance Guarantee. We also provide leading warranties including a 25-year panel warranty.

Expert solar monitoring

We believe in service for the life of your system, not the life of the sale. A Perth commercial solar system with Choice Energy is a solution, not just an appliance, so you’ll enjoy expert service and monitoring at your fingertips, as well as the savings on your grid energy bills.

Business Solar Rebates for Perth

The single biggest barrier for operators exploring commercial solar in Perth is perceived cost.

What many Perth business operators rarely understand is how they can benefit from the range of Federal and State funding programs aimed at supporting renewable energy sources like solar.

Businesses may now be eligible for:

  • Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) which are solar rebates for small businesses (and homes) installing up to 100kW of solar
  • Large Scale Generation Certificates (LSGC) which are solar rebates for large businesses installing above 100kW of solar
  • The limitless Instant Asset Tax Write Off, introduced as a result of the Government's COVID-10 response
  • State solar initiatives such as Perth's Solar for Business Program or Perth energy efficiency certificates (VEECs).

Factoring these business solar grants and rebates can be confusing unless you’re across the spectrum of energy subsidies available at any one point in time, but vital when it comes to money saved on your new system.

This is why so many businesses and individuals choose to partner with Choice Energy for high quality business solar: we make the process seamless, including the process of identifying and applying for relevant grants and incentives.

FAQs: Solar for business in Perth:

How do I know if commercial solar is right for my Perth business?

Solar is right for a whole range of businesses, from manufacturing through to hospitality. If you’ve got a site with a roof, and you run a business that uses electrical power, it’s likely an option for you. To find out, book a solar feasibility assessment, which can often be remotely done to ensure minimum disruption to your day.

How much does commercial solar cost in Perth?

The majority of businesses install solar with less than $5,000 in upfront costs.

The total cost of commercial solar panels is dependent largely on a range of factors, including:

  • The size of the system in kW, which dictates how many panels are required
  • Your energy usage and requirements
  • Whether or not you opt for battery storage

As your system size is dictated by your commercial needs, your system price is completely bespoke and will be accurately quoted after we touch base with you and have a solar feasibility assessment done. Unlike many other solar providers, we’ll check what you use and the size of feasible roof space to make an assessment of what you truly need.

Price is also impacted by your ability to claim rebates and initiatives from local and federal government (Australia only). We’ve had clients able to claim tens of thousands with these initiatives, which we organise on your behalf to ensure you are getting the maximum savings. Book your assessment here.

Is my business eligible for solar rebates in Perth?

The Federal and State governments financially reward businesses who make the switch to renewable energy which mean your business may likely be eligible for rebates to help put towards the cost of a solar system.

If you would like to find out your eligibility please contact our specialist solar team here.

How efficient are commercial solar panels in Perth? Is it feasible to go off-grid?

As technology has improved, solar panels have become more efficient.

Unless you have a battery installed and are completely “off the grid”, remaining connected to grid energy is essential for ensuring your business can rely on power on demand, no matter the circumstances.

While your solar system will do the heavy lifting for you during daytime hours, there may be times when you require the grid as your back up.

For example:

  • Unexpected up-turns in energy requirements may see you need more energy than what your panels can provide.
  • Poor weather conditions may reduce your solar system’s output in comparison to your needs.
  • A fault or issues with the solar system would leave you without access to power
  • You may require energy during the night, for night shifts or security and lighting.
  • There are elements to your gas and electricity bills that reflect connection charges to your account, that do not correlate to your charge. Meaning, even if you do not utilise grid energy in that period, you are still subject to some fees.

With the average commercial system reducing energy bills by an average of 40 - 70%, solar is a feasible and cash flow positive option for many businesses that is a great benefit in conjunction with other energy management services.

How long does it take to install commercial solar panels in Perth?

There are a few crucial steps in ensuring commercial solar systems are connected legally and properly.

Part of the solar system installation is getting the correct grid approval from your energy network provider to undertake an install, which is usually the most time consuming part, and can range from instant to a few weeks or even months, depending on your location and the size of your system.

Either way, we keep you abreast of how your installation is travelling, and ensure you are notified of times that work for you when it comes to installing.

Our expert installers will give you an estimated timeline for the installation, and offer minimal interference from your usual business.

What other businesses have you worked with?

We’ve helped over 8,000 businesses across Australia and New Zealand take control of their energy bills and invest in clean and renewable solar. You can see just some of our clients on our customers page here.

How do business solar rebates work in Perth?

For systems under 100kW, businesses qualify for the STC scheme.

When purchasing a solar PV system, your solar company will offer an upfront 'STC Discount' in exchange for assigning these STC's to them.

The larger the solar system, the more STCs a customer is entitled to, and so greater the rebate. However, Choice Energy does not believe in oversizing solar systems and instead works with your specific energy profile to determine the best size and what's going to give you maximum financial benefit.

For systems over 100kW in capacity, businesses will qualify to recoup LGCs.

These large-scale generation certificates are redeemable for every megawatt-hour of electricity produced until the year 2030. LGCs are typically traded for cash directly to the entity which purchased the solar system.

How long do commercial solar panels last?

Commercial solar panels through Choice Energy are warrantied to last up to 25 years with the manufacturer.

For any warranty claims, Choice Energy are on hand to directly assist in a full replacement.

When does the government solar rebate end?

Like shares, STCs have a trading value and every year on the 1st of January, the quantity of STCs redeemable decreases meaning the overall rebate decreases

The STC Federal rebates for commercial solar commenced in 2011 and are expected to end in 2030.

Like STCs, LGCs are redeemable until the year 2030. They can be traded either quarterly, half yearly, or annually depending on the market value of the certificates.

Business Solar News:

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