Choice Energy negotiates the cost of energy for thousands of Australian businesses. Whether you’re a large market commercial and industrial (C&I) energy consumer or a small to medium enterprise (SME) we can help lower your energy costs.

If you’re looking to reduce your energy consumption and costs at home, we can help too. Upload your energy bill today, and one of our energy management consultants will be in contact with you to show you how.

Up to thirteen energy retailers will be competing for your business

Choice Energy partners with up to thirteen energy retailers to find you the best deal. That’s up to thirteen less conversations that you’ll need to have, and it means you’ll have multiple retailers competing to win your business. You’re winning already!

By simply uploading a copy of your most recent energy bill, we’ll assign you an energy management consultant who will partner with you to reduce your energy costs.

Each part of your bill offers opportunities to reduce energy costs

Our team of energy management consultants are specialists in understanding how your business is charged for electricity. When we get our hands on an energy bill, we see many line items of opportunities!

There are three parts to your energy bill. Energy charges from the retailer, network distributIon charges, and the environmental, government and metering charges. Each part offers cost reduction opportunities.


Here’s what they’ll be doing with your bill.

Electricity comparisons for small to medium businesses

If you’re an SME, we’ll compare your electricity bill based on your current rates and usage. We’ll go out to our panel of energy retailers and find the most competitive deal to suit your energy needs.

We’ll present you with the best deal. If you like the savings on offer, your energy management consultant will then facilitate the switch to reduce your energy spend.

Electricity comparisons for commercial and industrial businesses

If you’re a large market consumer, we’ll put your energy contract out to tender to negotiate the most competitive deal. The best deal for your business is the one that can deliver on your operational, financial and risk management goals.

We’ve the expertise and nous to go out with confidence to multiple commercial energy retailers to drive a competitive closed tender bid process. And if we’re not satisfied that the best market offers are in front of us to put forward to you in a proposal, we’ll renegotiate until we get there.

In Australia, energy costs are not fixed. There is almost always a better outcome to negotiate on your behalf

Find out how much you could save.

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