Managing your electricity costs is simple: Let’s find the best energy provider for your home.

An energy supplier or energy retailer provides your site with power - usually the group with the logo on your energy bill. Suppliers are here to offer you deals on how much you pay (per kWh) on your electricity, in either a fixed term or rolling contract. For those seeking energy solutions for the home, it can be tempting to utilise comparison websites, or simply assume your provider is giving you the best deal possible.

Energy comparison with a seasoned energy management specialist, however, puts the power back in your corner to find and secure the best deal possible.

✓ We’ll pitch your needs to up to fourteen hand-picked energy retailers, to create competition and secure the best rate for you.

✓ Then, we’ll make sure your new energy saving contract is in place with a seamless transition.

✓ After that, we’ll keep in touch about cost reduction strategies, like residential solar.

Compare energy

We’re not just an energy comparison group. We’re the energy management experts for homes and businesses.

Our way of finding and providing you with key energy insights isn’t just about plugging in a few numbers and bombarding you with results. We work with a range of top quality energy retailers to ensure your agreement is ideal for your needs, and make professional recommendations that align with them. We can then assist with a range of other energy management solutions, and even assist with your business or site to reduce costs there as well.

An effortless way to save money (and time)

Rather than spending time comparing, or assuming your current provider is doing their best for you, partnering with a residential energy management expert at Choice Energy could be the easiest way you’ll save money on your energy bills this year. All you need to do is provide us with a couple of your last energy bills, and we’ll take it from there - It couldn’t be simpler.

By simply uploading a copy of your most recent energy bill, we’ll assign you an energy management consultant who will partner with you to reduce your energy costs.

As the price of power becomes more volatile, Choice Energy is vigilant about keeping your energy efficient. We help households stay in control of rising gas and electricity costs by providing expert energy provider comparison, as well as a range of energy saving services like high quality solar for your home.

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In Australia, energy costs are not fixed. There is almost always a better outcome to negotiate on your behalf

Find out how much you could save.

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