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As Australia's leading energy firm, we’re here to offer a range of services and products that create genuine impact for businesses and individuals by reducing energy bills and improving sustainability profiles.

How partners benefit

Associate partners collaborate with us for various reasons. Some prefer our services to help differentiate them from their competitors, while others see us as a great advantage to make their customers more engaged and help broaden their value-based conversions. All of our partners can benefit from a passive revenue stream.

How your members benefit:

✔ Group energy procurement tenders

✔ Exclusive offers and opportunities

✔ Education opportunities including webinars and events

✔ Marketing collateral and content support

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    Offer more to your members

    A partnership with Choice Energy connects you and your group to a dedicated team of energy specialists with high relevance to both businesses and individuals. Using grid energy is a part of life, but paying too much for it doesn’t have to be.

    Instead, we undergo a thorough deep-dive into your member’s usage profile to understand areas where we can optimise usage and expenditure. From negotiating a better energy deal with a range of retailers through to a bespoke solar energy solution, we’ve helped over 3,600 businesses and individuals across Australia and New Zealand pay less and gain more.

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    After a long search for the right type of energy partner Choice Energy ticked all the boxes I want to see in a partner.

    Australian based, supportive, experts in their field, always willing to build on our existing relationship and most of all providing support and value to our members.

    The Choice team has always been ready to engage with members, provide input into our projects and work with us to create opportunities for our members

    — Mark Smith, CEO, WRIQ

    Mark Smith WRIQ

    Key Benefits of being an associate partner with Choice Energy


    Differentiate your core services from your competitors by offering more value than they do.

    Adding customer value:

    Your customers are provided with a clear understanding of their exact energy position, and steps they can take to reduce costs. No obligation to act, and no additional budget is required.

    Creating revenue:

    You can benefit from a passive revenue stream by introducing Choice Energy to new customers.

    A quality energy offering:

    Members can benefit from engaging with a reputable management company that has been vetted by their association, freeing up member's time and money.

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