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Sunshine Mitre 10 has been trading for more than 100 years and is the largest timber supplier in the Sunshine Coast region. With over 15 locations, Sunshine Mitre 10 is a recognisable brand for builders, renovators, and the general public.

One of its stores, Gympie Mitre 10 in Monkland, was experiencing soaring energy costs that peaked at $10,000 per month.

How we helped

In the face of rising power prices, the operators turned to Choice Energy, to see how they could save on their energy expenses.

We undertook a detailed analysis of the store’s energy usage and identified the need for a turnkey 100kW solar system in conjunction with a 123kVar power factor correction unit to reduce the retail, network, market operator, and environmental charges on the account.



The business is expected to save approximately $1.3 million over 25 years

6c kWh

By installing solar, the business has secured fixed rates of 0.06 over the next 25 years


During the summer following installation, the 4,500-square store ran its air conditioning system for free as a result of the power produced by the solar panels

Customer Testimonial
“We worked with Choice Energy on our Gympie and Kingaroy stores and we’ve been extremely pleased with the savings we’ve seen to date. The team have also been fantastic to work with.”

— Travis Cunnane CEO, Sunshine Mitre 10

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