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Known for its vast range and quality service Bileola Mitre 10 is located in Biloela, a rural town in Central Queensland, Australia. As a community-minded business, the operators wanted to explore the feasibility of solar as a means to reduce the operational impact on the environment and cut electricity costs.

How we helped

After engaging with Choice Energy for a solar feasibility assessment, it was determined the business could reduce its impact through solar on its roof, but also save in excess of $12,000 per year.

With Choice's range of experience in hardware retail, especially Mitre 10, the partnership was formed and a 30kW solar system was installed.

As part of Choice Energy's post-solar servicing, the business has a generation guarantee and receives monthly reporting to demonstrate how the system is performing.



Through solar, the business is expected to save in excess of $12,000 per year


A 30kW turnkey solar solution was installed onto the store's roof to reduce environmental impact and costs

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