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Since 1984, Beaconsfield Home Timber & Hardware has been servicing local builders, tradies and home owners alike, in the Casey Cardinia area. As a retailer, Beaconsfield Home Timber & Hardware are open 7 days a week, therefore it consumes the majority of its power during the day.

To combat rising electricity costs, the store owners enlisted Choice Energy to see how they could reduce their energy costs.

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Choice Energy provided an assessment and determined a 40kW turnkey solar solution would offset a large amount of the peak energy consumption. As part of Choice’s solar solution, we secured approximately $27,000 in government rebates to help fund the system.

In addition, we installed a load limiting device and successfully negotiated a 43% lower demand charge with BHTH’s network provider which will reduce their bills ongoing.

Rather than paying their retailer for metering and getting no value back, BHTH had an independent meter installed at no extra cost and now have Choice Energy validating the accuracy of its monthly bills. With access to live consumption interval data, Choice Energy now performs network cost reviews to ensure BHTH are always on the optimum tariff.

To complete our service, Choice Energy tendered BHTH’s electricity contracts for the balance of power they consume from the grid. During this tender, we considered both solar feed-in tariffs as well as peak and off-peak consumptions splits, a result of BHTH’s load changing due to Choice Energy’s energy efficiency solutions.

In an electricity market that rose 70% in 2016, we actually saved the business $865 and secured tretail rates until 2019.



By installing solar, the business is expected to save $11,158 per year


The system is cashflow positive from day 1


The commercial solar system offsets close to 70% of the total power consumed from the grid

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“At a time when everyone could use a little help to save a dollar, Choice Energy helped our business find a new Energy retailer at the same cost, without incurring the annual increase proposed by our old energy retailer. Included was independent metering to be able to verify bills easily and the process also helped us get a demand reset as part of a solution that delivers our business a saving of over $20,000. These guys can handle everything…Great job Choice Energy.”

— David Maillard, Financial Controller, Beaconsfield Home Timber & Hardware

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