Make significant energy savings by re-classifying your network tariff and associated demand charges to better reflect each of your site’s power needs. Your Choice Energy consultant is well practised in finding fair and reasonable ways to categorise your energy network tariff.

Your new tariff will be aligned to supply you with adequate power – based on an analysis of your energy demand – to run each site. We’ll work with your network service provider to put the changes in place and optimise the overall network charges component of your energy bill.

What are network tariffs?

Network tariff and demand charges can add up to more than half of the total charges on your energy bill.

A rate based on how your energy usage and efficiency (demand) has been classified in the past, network charges are applied by the energy network distributors. The distributors are the owners of the infrastructure that supplies the power to your site.

Network tariffs are set by the government regulator — Australian Energy Regulator (AER) — and reviewed annually with a five-year forecast. The distributors bid to the government about how much of their supply and infrastructure costs they’ll recover through these regular network tariff variations. So, new tariff variations are available for consideration every year. Yet, your business energy network tariff classification may have been set years ago.

Your network tariff classification and associated charges are negotiable, dependent on:

  • how much power your business consumes
  • how you use power in peak and off-peak times
  • what type of business operations you run.

What to expect from Choice Energy

If your business energy use has changed since the tariff was set – for example your power factor may have improved – we’ll negotiate a more relevant tariff on your behalf.

Your energy management consultant will ask for your most recent energy bill. As part of our commercial energy procurement process, you’ll have provided a letter of authority for Choice Energy to check your metering.

With your energy bill on hand, and access to metering data, your consultant has all they need. We will then analyse your data to find a better cost reflective network tariff, so you pay less. If a change to your network tariff or demand charges is required, we’ll work with your Network Service Provider (NSP) to ensure the changes take effect.

We’re all about helping businesses like yours reflect energy use more accurately, so you’re only charged for the energy you use.

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