Solar Battery Systems: Making your solar energy work harder around the clock

Currently, Choice Energy is able to offer battery solutions in conjunction with new solar systems installed at the same time.

Thanks to the significant impact of solar energy systems across Australia, the demand and interest in solar battery systems in turn grows as well. With so many businesses and residents seeing the dramatic shift in their grid-energy use during the day, they are turning to battery storage to improve their savings and environmental impact both day and night.

Solar battery

An independent source of energy, even when the sun isn’t shining

Solar energy systems work by providing solar energy to your premises while it is being generated by the sun. This means there are times when energy is not being generated, such as very overcast days, and during the night.

By combining your system with solar battery storage, you’re allowing your system to capture generated energy that isn't being used, and store it for a later time.

For instance: A sunny weekend while your site isn’t operational means that energy is captured and stored for use on an overcast day, or during an evening shift. For homeowners, this can mean the storage of energy during the day while everyone is at work and school, ready to be used during peak periods at night.

Solar battery system benefits

Better energy efficiency: You have the potential of clean energy stored at any time of day, ready to be used. Unlike grid-energy, it’s cost free and generated cleanly by your system.

Reduced costs over the long term: Since you can now use your solar energy while the system isn’t actively generating, you’ll be using less grid-energy, bringing down your costs for the life of the system and battery,

Protection against future energy costs: Your lack of dependence on grid-energy means the volatility of Australian energy costs, and their predicted rise, will affect you far less than those who depend on grid-energy alone.

An off-grid power source after sunset: A solar system alone depends on active solar generation, which naturally cannot be achieved when the sun goes down. Your battery now means energy generated during the day is available for you to use long after the sun has set.

A transportable energy solution that can be relocated: Did you know solar systems and batteries can be shifted to new locations? This means your investment isn’t just locked into the one site or home, and is ready to move when you do.

Are solar battery systems worth buying?

You know commercial solar and residential solar systems are in high demand and see a great return on investment, in regards to both savings and environmental impact. So why do we see a smaller uptake in systems that include batteries?

Worth buying versus a return in investment

We have watched the market closely since 2014, and with the expansion of solar energy has come the drop in pricing. While a standard solar energy system sees a significant return on investment and a lower payback period, solar batteries are not quite equal in value-over-cost, meaning more individuals choose to invest in the solar system only.

Batteries provide an incredible opportunity to reduce energy bills and make a shift in your carbon footprint. For many companies, their environmental impact is more important than a quicker return on investment, making the installation of a solar battery system an easy decision. Likewise, other factors like geographic remoteness might inspire the installation of a solar battery system to complement existing backups like diesel generators.

In conclusion: A solar battery system being ‘worth it’ is completely up to how you deem worth. If your focus is on reduction of bills only and a faster return, a solar battery system might not be right for you right now. If you’re interested in reducing your environmental impact and being more ‘off the grid’, a solar battery system will be a great choice to assist in that endeavour.

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