Energy-saving light-emitting diode (LED) lighting can positively transform your work environments and significantly cut the costs of lighting and maintenance.

If your work sites are using old lighting technology, chances are your energy bill is being hit hard. Choice Energy could help lower your lighting costs with an energy efficient solution.


Commercial LED lighting benefits

Here is why a tailored LED lighting solution is an important part of the overall energy-saving solution for your business.

Pay less for lighting

LED bulbs use a fraction of the power of old lighting technology such as compact fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. Replacing inefficient lighting with LED lighting will mean you’ll use less power and pay less for it.

Cut back on maintenance

With LED bulbs your maintenance savings will be significantly less. Consider this. From the time you turn on the lights, compact fluorescents lose 20 to 30% of their light output. LED lights stay consistent. Better still, LED bulbs will outlast compact fluorescents or incandescent bulbs five- to ten-fold.

Get the light just right

With an LED lighting solution, the intensity of light, referred to as luminous flux (lux) per unit area, can be tailored for purpose. For example, 400 lux is about right for an office space or learning in an educational setting but would be insufficient for a manufacturing floor.

We’ll help deliver optimal lighting based on the purpose of each of your working environments. Getting lighting right can improve productivity and safety as well as enhance the experience for customers if you have retail or meeting spaces.

Smart interfaces to manage lighting efficiency

Your LED lighting solution can include putting in light sensors and sophisticated controls and interfaces to help manage energy efficiency. You’ll use less and pay less.

Reduce energy and save even more money

There are great state-based government subsidies available to incentivise the use of energy efficient lighting.

Once you turn on LED lighting and use less energy, over time your energy management consultant will review your network tariff, potentially resulting in further cost savings.

LED lighting will protect your business from the cost impacts of future energy price rises.

Don’t keep paying to power inefficient lighting. Book an energy-saving lighting consultation with one of our experts.

Don’t keep paying to power inefficient lighting

Book an energy-saving lighting consultation with one of our experts.

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