Commercial energy procurement: The simplest and cost free way to save on your business energy

Energy procurement isn’t just about comparing providers and choosing the lowest rate - it’s about creating a strategy that keeps your business running efficiently. What's more it saves you time and energy, giving you independent advice you can count on now and into the future.

When you partner with Choice Energy, you’ll have an energy advocate for life: Your dedicated manager who compares and optimises your energy bills, and identifies unique and expert ways to save you money.

As a comprehensive energy firm, we’re able to go beyond the standard procurement expectations to ensure you have a holistic scope of what is available to lower your business energy bills. This means high quality commercial solar, network tariff and demand analysis, voltage correction, metering and monitoring, even group tenders and LED lighting. Less time spent finding the right people, and more time focusing on your business, with an expert on your team.

How your business can benefit from commercial energy procurement:

One point of contact

Your dedicated manager is the only person you’ll need to communicate with when it comes to managing your business energy needs. They’ll be doing the heavy lifting with negotiations, liaising with over a dozen energy providers to seek out the best outcome for you. When you transition your business to a new energy-saving contract, you can source all your energy saving data through your manager, saving you even more time when it comes to renegotiations or changes in the future.

A tailored energy-saving solution

We review your energy contract, billing and metering data to ensure we understand exactly what it is that you need to power your business. Even after we secure your initial best energy deal, we continue to audit and optimise your costs in the future, with no extra costs or hidden fees.

Seasoned experience

We know the best energy deal for you isn’t always the first one. In a single tender, if we believe there is a better deal on offer, we’ll keep going. We’ll drive multiple pricing rounds and go back to retailers to re-negotiate until we secure that best outcome for your business.

We’re independent

The commission your consultant makes is exactly the same, no matter which retailer offers you the best outcome. This means there is no bias between providers when it comes to choosing: We simply focus on what is best to power your business.

We care about the future of your business

Your energy management consultant will become an extension of your business. Whether you’re planning on selling your business, or increasing your energy consumption, we’ll review your contractual liability and novate an agreement to help manage your risk.

"The reason we engaged Choice Energy was to achieve some certainty around our energy costs to enable us to budget going forward. We viewed the energy industry as very specialised and requiring full to time professional analysists to make informed decisions. Choice Energy engaged with us in a very cooperative and informed manner and presented us with options to enable us to make those decisions. There were clear gains for us financially and also emotionally as we had that personalised professional help with a complicated process.

I would highly recommend anyone with significant energy costs to consider using the skills of Choice Energy to assist their business in managing those costs."

- Colin Symes, Director, Five Star Stockfeeds

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So what does a business energy procurement manager do?

1. Once we understand your commercial energy needs, we’ll drive the best price deal by creating competition for your energy business.

Our panel of retailers know that if your Choice Energy manager will continue negotiations if they feel they’re not offering you their best price, leaving you with the benefits and none of the hard work.

2. We’ll look into your tariff and network charges.

These ‘hidden’ charges on your bills can often be overlooked as a fixed cost that is just the price of needing energy, but could actually be costing you more than you should be paying. You can learn more about tariff and demand analysis here.

3. We also ensure your energy is optimised today and in the future.

You’ll hear from your energy manager at key times to update you on opportunities to save, offer expert advice or hear out any concerns you might be having about your use of energy.

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