Pay Less with our expert Energy Procurement delivered by an Energy Broker

Energy procurement is not just about acquiring energy by comparing energy providers and finding the lowest rate.

    The best energy savings come from a holistic energy strategy that keeps your business running efficiently today and in the future.

    As experts in energy procurement, we understand how you are billed for your power. With this knowledge, your dedicated energy broker will provide a comprehensive assessment of your complete energy usage and bills to find innovative ways to lower your commercial electricity and gas costs.

    With rising energy costs, there has never been a better time to have an energy expert on your side.

    Why work with an Energy Broker for your business?

    When you choose to work with a commercial energy broker, you will not only save time and energy vetting energy retailers and their offers, but you’ll also gain independent information and strategies you can trust now and into the future.

    Business energy brokers are experts in energy bill assessment and management, across electricity and gas.

    With this knowledge, a dedicated energy broker will provide a comprehensive assessment of your complete energy usage and bills to find innovative ways to lower your electricity and gas costs.

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    What can an electricity broker or gas broker achieve for your business?

    The energy market changes all the time, so we always encourage businesses, no matter how big or small, to review your contracts frequently.

    There are a range of benefits to partnering with an electricity broker or gas broker to do this for you:

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    Drive the Best Price Deal for your Electricity or Gas Contract

    Once your energy broker understands your commercial energy needs, we’ll drive the best price deal by creating competition for your energy contract amongst our extensive panel of energy retailers.

    Lower costs

    Lower Your Network Tariff & Demand Charges

    For large market businesses, electricity network tariff and demand charges can account for more than 60% of the total charges on your energy bill. By working with an independent electricity broker, we can identify whether you can lower these costs, which is not typically flagged with you by your energy provider.


    Ensure Business Energy costs are optimised today and in the future

    You’ll regularly hear from your energy broker at key times to update you on market updates and relevant saving opportunities for your next contract. We can also monitor your energy costs with our dedicated metering and monitoring service.

    "The reason we engaged Choice Energy was to achieve some certainty around our energy costs to enable us to budget going forward. We viewed the energy industry as very specialised and requiring full to time professional analysists to make informed decisions.

    Choice Energy engaged with us in a very cooperative and informed manner and presented us with options to enable us to make those decisions. There were clear gains for us financially and also emotionally as we had that personalised professional help with a complicated process.

    I would highly recommend anyone with significant energy costs to consider using the skills of Choice Energy to assist their business in managing those costs."

    Colin Symes, Director, Five Star Stockfeeds

    How your business can benefit from Energy Procurement with Choice Energy:

    As a comprehensive energy procurement consultancy, Choice Energy is able to go beyond the standard energy retail negotiations to holistically explore a range of ways to lower your business energy bills.

    This means assisting where there may be multiple meters - or multiple sites, reviewing your network costs, exploring the viability for high quality commercial solar, metering and monitoring, and LED lighting.

    And we'll be here to support you now and into the future. Whether you’re planning on selling your business, moving sites, or increasing your energy consumption with the purchase of new equipment, we’ll review your contractual liability and novate an agreement to help manage your risk.

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    Tailored energy solutions for businesses

    When you engage an energy procurement consultant, we will review your energy usage, meter data, and your energy contract, to ensure we understand exactly what it is that you need to power your business and benefit from the most savings.

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    Leading energy procurement consultants

    Over the years, we have learned the best energy deal for your business isn’t always the first one. In a single energy procurement tender, if we believe there is a better deal on offer, we’ll keep going. Your commercial energy broker will drive multiple pricing rounds and go back to providers to re-negotiate until we secure the best outcome for your business.

    One point of contact

    One point of contact

    Once your energy procurement consultant has procured you a new energy contract, we'll continue to audit your costs in the future, with no hidden fees. You’ll also source all your energy news and data through us, saving you even more time when it comes to renegotiations or changes in the future. We can also respond or escalate to concerns you may be having about your use of energy.

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    Independent, fair and trusted

    The commission your energy procurement consultant makes is exactly the same, no matter which retailer offers you the best outcome. This means there is no bias to any energy providers when it comes to delivering results: we simply focus on what is best to power your business.

    FAQs: Commercial Energy Procurement with Choice Energy

    Why Is Commercial Energy Procurement necessary?

    The majority of Australian businesses pay some form of energy bill, either electricity or gas, and therefore must acquire energy from an energy retailer who purchases it from the wholesale market to sell to consumers. Choice Energy works with an extensive panel of Australian business energy retailers as part of our commercial energy procurement process, to secure competitive pricing for businesses which may work out better for you than speaking with one energy retailer.

    What does an Energy Consultancy do?

    Typically, an energy consultancy specialises in optimising a business’s energy usage, as well as the sources where the energy is derived. Depending on the business, dictates the breadth of expertise and how they can support your business with this process. As an energy solutions business, Choice Energy provides a range of solutions to improve energy efficiency to lower energy requirements from the energy grid, while also ensuring your bills are optimised based on your usage. Learn more about how businesses have benefited from a range of our services here.

    How much can energy procurement with an energy broker influence my energy costs?

    Not only can energy procurement focus in on securing you a better rate for energy, but it also looks at other influential factors like tariff charges that may hold influence over your overall payment. After all, your usage itself only makes up part of an energy bill.

    How do I know if my business energy contract is optimised?

    The energy market constantly fluctuates, which is why optimisation is so essential. When you connect with your dedicated energy manager, you'll know your energy contract is optimised as you'll have an expert on your team continually monitoring the market for opportunities to save.

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