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Hooper's Grantham Store is a community-minded retail business specialising in wholesome, delicious food, pantry staples and fresh catering. Voted the best chips in the Lockyer Valley, they boast a loyal crowd of customers who love them for community support and wonderful customer service.

Like all small businesses, keeping costs down ensures they can remain competitive and focused on providing their customers and community with their best in service and variety.

How we helped

Choice Energy engaged with Hooper's Grantham store through our proud partner New Sunrise.

As the business utilises much of its energy needs during peak times, is is essential to ensure costs are optimised. As a result of expert energy procurement, Hooper's Grantham store is now set to save around $11,000 over the next 24 months on their electricity costs.



The client is projected to save $11,000 on their energy bills

24 months

Hooper's Grantham Store will see their projected savings over a 24 month period.

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