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IGA Rainbow is an independent grocery store that supplies the North-Western Victorian town of Rainbow and surrounding areas. With a recent expansion and projected rising energy demands, IGA Rainbow’s electricity distributor was imposing a $90,000 upgrade cost.
How we helped

The owner engaged with Choice Energy to reduce their energy costs and negotiate a new energy contract on their behalf.

Choice Energy reached out to our network of up to 13 energy retailers to procure a new electricity contract at the most competitive market rate. Choice also ensured the transfer to the new energy retail contract was facilitated prior to the expiry date, to avoid IGA Rainbow’s contract defaulting to a far higher rate (default rate risk).

After undertaking a solar feasibility assessment, we determined a 50kW solar system would help the store save close to $16,000 per year on energy, which means the business could avoid the $90,000 upgrade cost. As part of our turnkey solar solution, we also provide monthly monitoring to ensure the system’s performance is optimal.



By investing in solar, IGA Rainbow is expected to save $16,000 per year on energy expenses


The business’ smart decision to move to solar enabled them to avoid the $90,000 upgrade cost


Choice Energy secured a projected $32,000 to help the business fund the system

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