Romeo's Retail Group is a well-established supermarket retail company with a strong reputation for customer service and community involvement. With numerous awards and recognition for their exceptional performance, the Romeo family has built a successful independent retailing business since March 1987.


One of the key challenges for the Romeo's, was managing the energy costs across their various locations. Rising energy prices were impacting their profitability, and they needed a solution to mitigate these costs.

Choice Energy, in partnership with Metcash (wholesale distribution company), provided Romeo's Retail Group with an innovative solution through energy broking. By bundling the energy contracts of the 16 NSW sites together, Romeo's Retail Group was able to leverage their combined buying power to negotiate better rates across all their locations. This alignment of contracts ensured that the customer would continue to benefit from increased buying power in the future as well.

Choice Energy secured highly competitive rates for us in a volatile market, saving us over $2.8 Million for the term of the agreement compared to our current rates. I'd highly recommend the team at Choice Energy if you are looking to lower your energy costs for your store.
Joseph Romeo, Romeo's Retail Group


$2.8 million saved

The switch to Choice Energy's energy broking solution brought significant financial benefits to Romeo's Retail Group.

Energy Broking Solution

By securing better energy rates through contract alignment, the company achieved cost savings of $2.8 million. This considerable amount of savings directly contributed to their bottom line and profitability.

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