Solar for your construction or building business: Is it right for you?

You’re a high energy demand business, with a lot of tools and machinery. You might think that solar energy isn’t fathomable for the demand your business requires, and might compromise your efficiency.

Not only has solar worked for hundreds of Australian businesses just like yours, but with the continued development of high quality panels and savvy technology, solar is here to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. Read on to learn the benefits, and how solar has made an impact for construction and engineering businesses across the country.

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How commercial solar works for building and construction businesses

Commercial solar systems work the same way as residential systems, but usually on a much larger scale to meet your unique demand.

The panels are installed on a roof or in an area that allows them to come in the most contact with sunlight throughout the day, which in the Southern Hemisphere is usually true north. Photovoltaic cells on the panels generate a Direct Current DC, which your inverter turns into usable Alternating Current (AC) energy. When solar energy is not available, your site will use grid-energy, ensuring that at no point you are compromising your access to power, while also ensuring you are utilising the clean, free energy that your solar system creates.

This means:

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    No concerns about accessing high levels of power when you need it


    You’re using self-generated energy first, reducing your costs


    You’re making your site work harder for you by producing clean energy on your roof

    What kind of savings can solar energy offer my construction or building business?

    A commercial solar system can provide your site, factory or office with energy generated from sunlight. This means while the sun is shining, you’ll be using less grid-energy, and therefore reducing the number at the bottom of your energy bills each month.

    By using less grid-energy, you may also be able to lower your demand tariff - the fee you pay for your site to be allocated the energy you need. Since that demand is lower, so is your tariff. As an energy management firm, and not just a solar power provider, our solar energy brokers are able to combine your solar investment with a range of other services to ensure you’re paying less for your grid-energy use, and optimising your site for maximum savings. Not only do you benefit from the savings of solar itself, but with a Choice Energy solar system, you’re provided with a full spectrum of cost-reducing services, many of which are provided at no cost to you.

    “I was introduced to Lachlan Magee from Choice Energy by Clive Martella from MB Prefab who recommended installing Solar Power, as he had found that Choice Energy had delivered what they had promised.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Lachlan and Choice Energy as every commitment and projection they have made to me has come to fruition.”

    - Geoff Baxter, BB Truss Timber

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