Energy use is a fact of business: How much you pay on your bills doesn’t have to be

As a high energy user, you’ll know the pinch of those quarterly energy bills well. With an increasingly volatile energy market causing costs to spike, ebb, then spike again, the future is looking more and more concerning for those who rely on a large energy use for day to day business.

As well as a full spectrum of energy management opportunities, Choice Energy offers premium solar energy solutions for factories looking to take control and reduce costs. Solar is an incredible opportunity that makes your site work harder for you, and provides you with peace of mind when it comes to your energy costs. Clean, quiet and portable, your high quality solar system is designed for you and your needs, allowing you to offset a dramatic percentage of your daytime energy costs, and save potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the system.

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Commercial solar helps factories by:

  • Reducing daytime energy spend, when your factory is using the most and energy is the most expensive to come by
  • Adding a sustainability element to your business, attracting environmentally-conscious partners and customers alike
  • Protecting you from the volatile grid-energy market fluctuations, reducing your reliance on grid-energy, while also ensuring it is available to you on demand

    Are commercial solar panels for a factory worth it?

    For many factory owners and managers, commercial solar may have been something you’ve considered in the past. We invite you to revisit the concept now, as quality solar has become increasingly affordable and more in-demand than ever.

    For high energy users, you are hit with not only the cost of the energy itself, but also the demand tariff - A charge in your energy bill that means you will have the energy your site requires, on demand. When you utilise solar energy for your factory energy needs, you’re not only reducing your costs by lowering your grid-energy use, but you may also see a fall in this tariff charge as well.

    A common misconception about solar energy is that it takes you ‘off the grid’, which may feel daunting for high energy users like yourself. For businesses like yours, solar energy works in tandem with your connection to the main energy grid, ensuring you have access to predictable energy at the times when you need it.

    Solar Panels for Factory

    “Choice are honest, upfront and extremely helpful and the shift to solar has been hassle free. Best of all they are truly saving money, not just on the books, but real money that is helping their businesses. I would highly recommend Choice, and have even done so to friends in business as they are the best when it comes to Solar Energy”.

    - Kersten Gentle, Executive Office, Frame and Truss Manufacturers Association of Australia

    Solar for your factory as an environmental statement

    With more customers and partners seeking ethical and environmental values, solar is a fantastic way to increase your sustainability profile while also lowering your costs. As solar energy is a clean source of energy and reduces your carbon footprint, you’re showing a commitment and respect for the need of more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices across the industry. This is an important part of what we offer, which is why Choice provides marketing and communications support to ensure your sustainability message is amplified and brings awareness to your choice to ‘go solar’, including a fascinating infographic on what impact your system makes per year on the environment.

    See how we’ve saved our customers thousands with commercial solar

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