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Established in 2003, Austruss is a manufacturer of quality steel frames and trusses for the building construction industry. It strives to be the most innovative company in the Australian building industry.

The owners of Austruss were keen to explore ways to consume less grid power and save on their energy bills; and as a socially-responsible company, they wanted to understand how they could reduce their carbon footprint and become more environmentally sustainable.

After reviewing many solar companies, Austruss chose to partner with Choice Energy because of our holistic energy management model and solar performance guarantee.

How we helped

After conducting an assessment of their bills and usage, Choice Energy obtained consumption and demand interval data from the electricity network provider.

As a result, we were able to design the exact size needed for their industrial grade solar system. The focus was to offset the business’ peak energy consumption during sunlight hours.

The system is financed in a way that means no upfront capital investment and the repayments are less than they were paying previously for grid power, so they didn’t need to find a budget – and this meant the system was cashflow positive from day one.

As the 150kW system will produce around 219,000 kWh per year, it will reduce the business’ carbon footprint by 163 metric tons of carbon dioxide.



The system required zero upfront capital investment and the system was cashflow positive from day one


The solar system is offsetting close to 163 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year


The system is expected to save the business $1.79 million over 25 years

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