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MB Pre-Fab Framing is a multi-award-winning roof truss and wall framing manufacturer, providing quality timber roof trusses, wall frames and longreach floor trusses for commercial builders, home builders and owner builders. As with most manufacturing businesses, energy costs are a significant outgoing.
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After undertaking an assessment of the business’ electricity usage profile and bills, Choice Energy presented the benefits of a 40kW turnkey solar solution, including savings in excess of $12,000 per year.

Realising the market was set to soar, Choice Energy also secured the business’ electricity rates when wholesale markets were at $45 MWh - the rate since peaked to $100 MWh.



By installing solar, the business is expected to save more than $12,000 per year


Choice Energy secured close to $27,500 in government rebates to help the business fund the system

$45 MWh

Choice Energy secured ultra-low rates ($45MWh) before the market peaked

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