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NUV Petroleum is a proudly family-owned business with a successful history since 2004, with a diverse portfolio in retail petroleum, IT, property development and import/export.

As a business with many locations that require round-the-clock energy usage and/or high peak demand, optimising energy procurement is essential to remain competitive. With many of their retail petroleum sites located in Victoria, fluctuating energy prices are always a concern for businesses of any size as the market continues to change in the wake of covid-19 triggered peaks and valleys.

How we helped

Choice Energy engaged with NUV Petroleum at an event facilitated by our proud partner New Sunrise.

NUV Petroleum challenged Choice Energy to show what expert energy procurement looked like, and after experiencing significant savings and great service, the business has had 27 sites assessed for savings, resulting in an anticipated saving of over $310,000 over 24 months.

Choice Energy was able to provide savings on sites that range from major energy demand to small business usage, thanks to a deep understanding of tariff demands and optimisation.

As a result, Choice Energy is currently assessing the feasibility of solar energy for NUV Petroleum, which will secure further savings for them in the the future as they draw clean energy from their site and not the grid.

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The client is projected to anticipate over $310,000 in savings on energy bills

24 months

NUV Petroleum will see their projected savings over a 24 month period.

27 sites

With 27 sites of various size, the client's unique usage have been optimised.

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