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Established in 1988, Tumby Bay Bakery has been a staple for the local population for generations.

Classic recipes offer a gorgeous range of traditional bakery favourites like fresh loaves, pies and pasties, as well as a range of sweet and savoury options. Visitors can pull up a seat to enjoy their treat, and enjoy the ambience of a relaxed, locally-owned bakery, just as it should be be.

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Choice Energy engaged with Tumby Bay Bakery to explore opportunities for this community favourite to optimise their energy usage. As a proud sponsor of the Bakery Association of Australia, Choice Energy understand the high energy usage of commercial bakeries, which allowed the bakery's dedicated energy specialist to create a unique energy procurement strategy.

Recognising the bakery's energy trend allowed the strategy to focus on an off-peak load profile opportunity, as well as a change in how the energy provider recognised the business.

As a result, Tumby Bay Bakery is anticipated to save around $11,000 per year on their energy bills.



The client will save around $11k in comparison to previous contracts.

$30 per day

The new contract equates to a saving of $30 per day on energy.

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