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Overcharges on large market business energy bills is unfortunately a common occurrence that our team of experts see day in and day out.

Choice Energy’s sophisticated Bill Validation report assesses the complex monthly bill charges for high power users to determine if the charges have been modelled correctly, verifying billable consumption data against actual meter data to then help the client take action where necessary.

Leveraging the power of automation and reviewed by our team of energy experts before it is sent to you, the bill validation report delivers 100% accuracy and integrity, providing you with the trust and confidence you are only paying for what you are contracted to pay.

Energy data sent to Choice Energy for processing

Large market electricity bill and meter data is sent monthly to Choice Energy

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Charges automatically assessed by Choice Energy

Choice Energy's Bill Validation tool assesses 58 individual charges from the bill

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Choice Energy notifies client of results

Your dedicated energy manager will notify you of the assessment results, advising if there are any intolerances or overcharges that require investigation

Resolution achieved and service continues monthly

Your energy manager will work with you to take action and resolve where required

Choice Energy Bill Validation

As part of our monthly bill validation service, Choice Energy performs over 58 individual validation checks covering the following areas of your bill:

Energy rates (peak shoulder and off-peak)

A business can be charged a different rate from what they committed to in their energy contract.

Bill Validation checks the energy rates on the bill comparing it to the contracted rates and anything more than 1% out of tolerance will be flagged with the business.

Network rates

Incorrect network rates can be applied to a large-market energy bill.

Bill Validation ensures the business is being billed the correct rate for the particular tariff type that has been set by the distributor based on the business’ load profile.

Demand rates

Incorrect demand rates can be applied to a large-market energy bill.

Bill Validation checks what has been billed for demand usage against what the meter data states.


Environmental charges set by the regulator are passed onto a business via their retailer as a power percentage. There can be discrepancies in rates or calculations based on what the business signed in their contract.

Bill Validation checks the environmental charge passed on against what was listed in the retailer agreement.

Energy usage

If the Peak, Off Peak and Shoulder usage on the energy bill doesn't match the meter data, this could be a sign the business is being over or under charged.

Bill Validation checks against the metering data if what is on the bill matches the metering data.

*Please note, as a benefit of our Shield Metering and Monitoring service and in addition to the monthly Bill Validation, your business receives an annual Network and Demand Tariff Analysis, which can equate to up to 60% of your entire electricity bill. You can learn more here or speak with your energy manager for further information on this service.

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Choice Energy validates in excess of 23,200 bill charges each month to ensure clients are being charged for what they actually use.

Bill Validation disclaimer:

Choice Energy utilises available contract data, market data and meter data to verify rates and usage charges. Non-standard bill charges such as interest charges, adjustments, periodic industry charges are not validated. Environmental rates are variable and therefore frequent variance is expected, that does not necessarily lend to incorrect billing. Choice Energy updates its bill validation system from time to time, which may alter or enhance the functionality and form. Prior to retailer notification, CE will perform a secondary validation to confirm billing errors and seek customer approval for submission. Choice Energy will pursue bill credits or debits only when there is an aggregate value > $500.

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