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With the costs of doing business going up, while retailers and supermarkets drive your prices down, it can be a challenging time for many agriculture businesses across Australia.

The cash flow positive investment of commercial solar power for your farm, site or office puts control back in your hands, and allows you to reduce a fact-of-life cost: Your energy bills.

From pumps to machinery, lighting to heating, we know energy use is an essential part of your day to day business. Our solar energy brokers have worked with farm and agriculture businesses across Australia, helping them utilise clean, environmentally friendly solar and save thousands each year.

Commercial solar for Agriculture businesses:

Commercial solar provides a range of benefits for businesses in the agri-sector.

Some of the key benefits for businesses include:

  • Reducing daytime energy spend
  • Enhancing your sustainability profile
  • Future-proofing your business from the damage of rising energy costs
  • Reducing your reliance on grid-energy, while still having it available to your site on demand.

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    Improve your sustainability profile while you save

    As customers continue to seek out environmentally friendly and sustainability focused products, the demand rises year on year for brands willing to invest in future-friendly practices.

    “Going solar” is an ideal solution not only to control volatile and rising energy costs, but to also improve your sustainability profile. For clients or customers weighing up the difference between you and a competitor, this unique selling point is a huge box tick.

    Our Choice Energy support team even provides you with a custom Amplification Kit to help you spread the word and show your support.

        Choice Energy goes beyond solar to help you save money

        As an energy management firm, and not just a commercial solar provider, we are the partner of choice for agriculture businesses looking to optimise every part of their energy use.

        Our highly trained and accredited team ensures that not only is your solar system designed exactly for your needs, but also look into further ways you can be saving on your energy bills, such as tariff and demand analysis, metering and monitoring, and group energy tenders.

            By providing these essential services, you know you have an energy partner for life: We’ll also check in on a timeline that suits you to research and identify other ways to save you money so you know you don't have to worry about ongoing changes.

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                AUSVEG VIC understands the increasing costs on power to the horticulture industry is creating a lot of pressure for these businesses to be profitable and viable.

                “In recent years, energy efficiency gains in agriculture have not been keeping up with those of other sectors such as construction and building.

                “Energy efficiency is a must for horticultural production, and we are delighted to have the support of corporate partners such as Choice Energy who are able to provide a range of solutions to assist on reducing these cost burdens”

                - Tom Cohen, former State Manager of AUSVEG Victoria

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                  Ready to take the next step?

                  If you’re considering commercial solar for your agriculture business, it’s essential that you are speaking to the right professional to ensure solar is right for you. Our energy experts work with you to not only assess the feasibility of commercial solar on your site, factory or office, but to also create a turnkey solution that maximises your opportunity, and provides you with genuine savings. No off-the-shelf solutions here. Just premium quality commercial energy, backed by our output guarantee and commitment to keeping your energy bills low, for good.

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