High Energy User? Turn your business into a high energy saver

As a manufacturer, high energy use comes with the territory. But continuing to pay the high or fluctuating energy bills that come along with that isn’t your only choice. Today, more and more manufacturing businesses are optimising their energy expenditure by turning to commercial solar for its full spectrum of solutions, both financial and profile.

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Commercial solar helps by:

  • Reducing your grid energy usage during the times when energy is at its peak cost

  • Attracting environmentally-conscious partners and customers alike, thanks to its clean and sustainable reputation

  • Protects you from unpredictable grid energy costs

  • Allows you to utilise clean solar energy while ensuring you remain connected to the grid, ensuring energy demand is always available to you.

How do I know commercial solar is right for manufacturing?

Like many high use businesses, your energy demand is consistent, and likely to be during the daylight hours.

In the wholesale energy market, like many other markets, there are peaks and shoulder periods which demand a higher price for energy. If you and your team are in the factory between 7am and 7pm, it’s likely you’re experiencing high energy use during the most expensive periods.

Utilising solar energy can not only reduce your energy use, but your most expensive energy use.

Similarly, a high energy user like your business will likely find themselves with a higher tariff charge. This tariff charge reflects the electricity you have allocated to your business, to ensure it meets demand - so if your business on average is demanding a lot of grid energy, this will be reflected in the cost involved with your tariff charge.

Utilising solar to lower your grid energy usage also means lowering your demand on the grid. A lower demand on the grid? A potentially lower tariff charge, saving you thousands of dollars.

For many manufacturing businesses, there is also concern that a high quality commercial solar system will require a large upfront investment. We’ve proudly assisted a wide variety of manufacturers in the design and installation of their turnkey solar solution with an upfront cost of less than $10,000.

Helping to position you as a sustainable manufacturer

As environmental awareness grows across Australia and beyond, more consumers and businesses alike are seeking sustainable brands and partnerships that align with their values.

Investing in solar energy for your manufacturing business is one of the most cost effective ways to improve your sustainability profile with minimal impact on your work day flow. You’ll reap the benefits of clean energy that reduces your costs, while letting your consumers know you are committed to greener practices. We can even assist you in getting the message out with a Sustainability Amplification kit!

"As a proud Australian Manufacturer Sleep Corp is constantly looking to improve its social and environmental impacts.

The transition to a Solar Power solution was managed expertly and efficiently by the team at Choice Energy. From the moment we started the project, the team were efficient, responsive and extremely helpful.

As an SME we need to focus on the things we’re good at, and let other companies do the things that they’re good at. With Choice Energy we were able to do so"

Ryland Joyce

Operations Manager, Sleep Corp

See how we’ve saved our manufacturing customers thousands with commercial solar

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That’s why Choice Energy's solar energy brokers are committed to education and ensuring your needs are recognised and accounted for. Start the journey with us today by booking a complimentary assessment on your site or factory.

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