West Coast Veterinary Hospital is a leading animal healthcare practice offering routine and emergency care encompassing general services and equine services.

With purpose built, state of the art, large and small animal operating theatres, and some 24/7 services, the business requires a significant amount of power to operate.


We approached the business to identify how we could help them save on their energy costs. We discovered the business was paying an extremely high cost of power through Synergy and Western Power and unable to change providers.

Given the business has a large roof area and is located in one of the highest solar output areas in the country, solar seemed a logical choice.

After running a feasibility assessment for the site, we identified a 50kW system would reduce the business' reliance on grid-power, lower their electricity costs immediately, and provide them with the ability to create free power once the system is paid off.

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The business is benefiting from a 50kW solar system on their roof


From day one the business will see a reduction in their electricity costs providing immediate bill relief


Solar will cover more than 50% of total energy consumption for the majority of the year.

Customer Quote

"We are very happy with the overall service, communication, installation process and outcome. It’s a great outcome for the business and we’re thrilled to be able to significantly reduce our environmental impact."

— Dr Garnett Hall, Owner

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