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Re.Group (previously Polytrade Recycling) is a leading recycling company across Australia and Asia, with 15 Material Recovery Facilities. Established in 1995 with the purpose of exporting various types of recyclable plastic grades to the growing South East Asian market, Re.Group has expanded its operations from a recyclable plastic processor to a key player in both the domestic kerbside & commercial recycling sectors across the Australian, New Zealand & South Pacific market place.

Re.Group receives, sorts & processes more than 400,000 tonnes of recyclables, per annum across its 15 MRF sites thanks to an experienced set of recycling specialists, able to deliver the services councils & commercial businesses require and the community expects. They have a commitment to service & quality, with high standards of safety and business ethics, along with a leading edge approach to delivering a sustainable future.

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With such a high demand for energy usage, it was essential for Re.Group to ensure their energy bills are as optimised as possible. By partnering with Choice Energy, their initial four sites are set to save a combined $500,000 on costs, with 8 more sites to come.



Re.Group is set to save approx $500,000 over 3 years

4 Initial Sites

The remaining 8 sites have negotiated savings as well as timing the market to minimise further rate rises.


“Choice Energy was introduced to our business via a relationship with an industry body. Our broker, David Marsh is a valued business partner. He has helped negotiate all of our energy requirements across the three states we have recycling facilities.

Choice Energy’s insights into the electricity and gas markets allowed us to lock in pricing that has resulted in significant savings by protecting our business from the recent price volatility.”

- David Shovelton, Re.Group

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