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WM Waste Management Services is an Australian-owned business operating out of Boronia, in Victoria’s South Eastern Suburbs. Established in 1985, WM has provided an invaluable recycling service to the local community for over three decades.
WM Waste Management is committed to sustainability and strives to maintain the beauty of the surrounding Dandenong Ranges by affording local businesses and families the most efficient rubbish skip hire and the means to effectively recycle and reducing landfill.
WMWaste Management
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To combat rising power prices, WM Waste Management Services engaged Choice Energy who provided a comprehensive electricity tender to reduce its rising power costs.

Choice Energy also installed a turnkey commercial solar solution which provided a significant portion of WM’s daytime needs at its Coldstream Transfer Station.

We also provided an energy tender for Corio’s facility in Shepparton, with metering, to ensure the business is not being overcharged by its network provider.

Choice Energy continues to work with WM Waste Management Services ensuring the balance of power left on the grid has the lowest rates available by working with our 13 energy retail partners.



The solar system provides close to 30% of the business’ total daytime coverage


Choice Energy secured approximately $4,000 in government rebates to help the business fund the system

4 years

The business is expected to see a return on investment in the fourth year

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