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Baxter Laboratories is a TGA licensed manufacturer of skin care, sunscreen and topical pharmaceutical products. Baxter has always been committed to high environmental and sustainability standards. Using clean resources from the Australian environment, Baxter Laboratories develop and manufacture the highest quality products for its customers.

Given the sustainable ethos of the company, the owners were keen to explore solar for their manufacturing site. The other major driver was that they’d also experienced a 100% increase in the daytime cost of power.

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Baxter Laboratories engaged with Choice Energy who provided a solar feasibility report.

It was identified that by converting to solar power, Baxter Laboratories would reduce its carbon footprint by the equivalent of 715 barrels of oil or over 8,000 new trees planted per year.

The business would also see significant cost reductions across its energy bills. With over 1,100 solar panels installed, at full capacity Baxter Laboratories is projected to generate enough electricity to power more than 300 homes.



Through a 315kW solar system, Baxter Laboratories is creating its own energy and reducing its risk of rising grid-energy costs


Baxter Laboratories reduces its dependency on coal-power, equivalent to planting and growing more than 8,000 trees per year


Post-install, Baxter Laboratories receives 100% monitoring of its solar system to ensure the system is working as it should, along with a monthly performance report

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