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Recyclable Packaging is a 100% Australian-owned and operated food packaging manufacturer based out of Seaford, Victoria. The company utilises the latest in extrusion and thermoforming technology ensuring a fast, energy-efficient output, allowing the business to respond to market and customer demands.

One of Recyclable Packaging’s key differences over its competitors is the manufacture of the raw material needed for all its packaging at its purpose-built facility – this allows guaranteed product supply and quality control for its customers.

How we helped

As a result of company expansion and advanced manufacturing conducted on site, Recyclable Packaging engaged Choice Energy to design and supply a turnkey solar power station on its factory.

Due to the non-perpendicular design of the roof, Choice Energy’s expert solar design team utilised multiple tilt-frame angles to ensure the highest possible power production.

Choice Energy later procured a new 4-year energy retail contract identifying $155,255 in total savings. The new retail contract was 19% cheaper than the customer's previous retail contract.



Recyclable Packaging is creating its own energy through a 165kW solar system, reducing its risk to rising grid-energy costs


Through solar, Recyclable Packaging is projected to save $70,000 per year on energy costs


Through expert contract negotiation, Choice Energy secured 155,255 in retail savings over four years, compared to the previous contract.

Choice Energy provided Recyclable Packaging with the most competitive professional advice of all those who tendered for the business... the project had some difficulties which were all handled by them without any further stress put on me. We were so impressed by their candour and the result, and have since contracted with Choice for a 4-year supply agreement taking us into 2023 at a very acceptable price.
Director, Recyclable Packaging

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