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Jaspa Herington is an Australian manufacturing company that offers a large variety of quilts, protectors, foam and wool underlays and much more. It also provides products specially designed for allergy sufferers and therapeutic use.

Facing a 250% increase in their peak daytime power rates, which would have cost the business tens of thousands of dollars, the business owners needed a better way to manage and take control of their energy bills.

Jaspa Herrington
How we helped

After engaging with Choice Energy, we undertook a large procurement tender and network charges review identifying significant savings.

Choice Energy also installed a 60kW turnkey commercial solar system that had no upfront costs and that was cash flow positive from day one.

As part of Choice Energy’s commercial solar solution, the business receives a performance guarantee and ongoing system monitoring.



The solar system had zero up-front costs and was cash flow positive from day one


Choice Energy was able to secure more than $30,000 in rebates to help the owners fund the system


Post-install, Jaspa Herrington receives 100% monitoring of its solar system to ensure the system is working as it should, along with a monthly performance report

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