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The Lobethal Hotel is a locally owned family hotel located in the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

Offering classic and exciting meals, a responsible service of alcohol, entertainment and a bottleshop, the Lobethal Hotel is a favourite for locals and travellers alike.

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Like many Australian businesses, the Lobethal Hotel owner Kath was concerned about the rising of energy costs and the impact this would have on her business. After a consultation with her dedicated energy manager at Choice Energy, Kath learned that thanks to an unprecedented drop in the market, unseen for the last five years, she would be able to secure a beneficial rate for her energy bills unlikely to be seen again anytime soon. As a result, she secured a new contract saving over $12,800 over the next three years.



The Lobethal Hotel are set to save over $12,800 thanks to expert energy procurement

5 Year Market Low

Lobethal Hotel's new contract was secured when the market reached a five-year low, ensuring unprecedented savings compared to their previous contract

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