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Springvale RSL is a member of one of Australia's oldest and most respected national Organisations. As one of 300 members in Victoria, Springvale RSL was exposed to an increase of over 35% in its energy rates as a result of the wholesale cost of power strengthening in Victoria over the previous 24 months.
Springvale RSL
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Following a comprehensive energy audit, Choice Energy conducted a procurement tender to attract market-leading rates following guidance on forward-contracting. This saved the business over 50% in its commodity rates for the year, with the same flow-on effect projected for the following year.

Choice Energy also ran a network costs assessment to identify if the business was overpaying for its network charges.

Springvale RSL will continue to benefit from Choice Energy’s metering and monitoring services to validate its monthly power bills and explore other hidden costs.



Choice Energy was able to negotiate energy retail savings of 50% for Springvale RSL


The network tariff amendment produced a cost reduction of $31,500 over three years


100% of total bill charges are under management via our metering and monitoring services

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