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Radiology Group Penrith is a radiologist owned and operated practice that focuses on providing high quality diagnostic and interventional imaging services across New South Wales.

As a business with many locations that utilise advanced tech and machinery as their primary services, the Radiology Group are high energy users across multiple locations.

How we helped

With the fluctuations and volatile changes within the energy market, partnering with Choice Energy to ensure their energy bills are optimised makes complete business sense.

Choice Energy undertook a tender across 8 sites, ensuring both smaller and larger locations were given the focus and opportunity they deserve when it comes to finding the right agreement.

As a result, the Radiology Group can anticipate a saving of $171,000 over the next four years.

As a full spectrum energy firm, Choice Energy will now ensure the Radiology Group remain across changes in the market, and have a reduced risk of returning to costly default rates when their agreement finishes.



The client is projected to anticipate over $171,000 in savings on energy bills

4 years

The Radiology Group will see their savings over four years

8 sites

With 8 sites of various size, the client's unique usage needs are covered.

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