Shouldering the beautiful wine regions of Adelaide, Hackam and the local district enjoy friendly service and great prices on local produce thanks to the team at IGA Hackam.

As a small business, IGA Hackam know the importance of a fair go and that keeping costs down in the face of a rising energy market is essential to continue their growth and success as a keystone to the local community.


Hackam IGA joined other like-minded businesses to form a group energy procurement tender, utilising the economy of scale to negotiate a great deal on their energy bills. Thanks to expert procurement by Choice Energy's senior energy management team, IGA Hackam secured a 36 month contract that saw a reduction of nearly $13,000 per year in energy bills, or $38,800 in total over the term of the new agreement when compared to their current rate.

IGA Hackam



IGA Hackam have reduced their average energy bills by approx $12,939 per year


They can expect to see a total saving of around $38,817 over the course of the 36 month contract

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