IGA Childers is a cornerstone of the local community, providing groceries, staples and fresh food to the wider Childers area with friendly service and a focus on quality.

IGA Childers participated in a group procurement tender that allowed themselves and likeminded businesses to use the economy of scale to save on their energy bills.


Choice Energy provided expert group energy procurement management to secure IGA Childers a new 3 year agreement that reduced annual spend by around 27%. As a result, IGA Childers will save approximately $44,000 over the next three years on their energy.

IGA Childers



IGA Childers is set to save approximately $14,800 each year with their new agreement, resulting in a total of around $44,000 over the next three years.

Group Procurement

This 27% reduction in spend is thanks to the buying power of a group energy procurement tender. Read here to learn more.

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