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Fundamentals of electricity rates for Brisbane businesses

Electricity charges are divided between fixed daily electricity supply charges and variable usage charges. Variable usage charges are structured to suit your Brisbane commercial energy plan:

Single rate electricity tariffs

A single rate electricity tariff is when the kW/h rate remains the same every day at all times.

Time of use electricity tariffs

Time of use electricity tariffs are when a variable kW/h rate is applied according to a specific time of day the electricity is used. This is when peak hour rates, shoulder rates and off-peak rates are often applied. Our electricity brokers help you understand your energy usage patterns and accurately compare the time of use tariffs to find the right supplier for you.

Controlled load tariffs

A controlled tariff rate applies to separately metered appliances that only run during off-peak hours.

Business electricity discounts

There are two available discounts offered by electricity retailers, conditional and guaranteed. Conditional discounts are applied when you meet certain conditions like pay on time discounts. Guaranteed discounts are applied for the entirety of the contract term, regardless of special conditions.

Comparing plans for small and large businesses in Brisbane

A large business or industry that has a high energy usage will often be able to demand the best possible electricity and gas rates with the help of an energy broker for Brisbane. For small businesses, an energy bill is calculated the same as a residential bill. However, with the help of our experts, we can compare energy plans to find the best deal.

How Commercial Solar Systems can reduce energy bills

Commercial solar refers to commercial and industrial scale solar installations — encompassing a range of industry and customer types, solar panel designs, and project sizes.

With commercial solar PV systems in Brisbane, your business can generate solar electricity at a significantly lower cost than purchasing electricity from an energy supplier by harvesting the power of the sun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Compare Brisbane Business Electricity Plans?

Business operators across the country are facing increasing pressures in the areas of staffing, logistics and the costs of operations, including increased energy prices.

What’s more - the energy market undergoes changes annually, so unless you are actively reviewing your electricity costs each year, you risk overspending on your energy costs.

Now is an optimal time to compare your current electricity contract and learn of the opportunities available to your business to lower its operational costs.

By comparing business electricity plans you can gain confidence your business has its electricity costs optimised so you can focus on successfully running your business.

Start comparing today with Choice Energy to ensure your business is getting the best deal from competitive business energy rates!

What Is Business Electricity Price Comparison and How Does It Work?

Comparison tools online help you to compare the price of different business electricity prices to make an informed decision about which offer best suits your needs.

All that is typically required is a recent copy of an electricity bill that you then input into an energy comparison tool. You’ll then be provided with a summary of results for you to then consider and take up.

While comparison tools provide business operators with an avenue to review their electricity costs, they are not without fault.

As a commercial energy consultancy, Choice Energy provides a more favourable, free alternative, where we review your energy usage and contract on your behalf, saving you time and money, while also providing you with a range of other benefits.

How to Compare Brisbane Business Electricity Plans with Choice Energy?

When you engage Choice Energy, our expert energy consultants will review your recent electricity bill, usage and contract, and take your existing load to an extensive panel of electricity suppliers who will compete for your business electricity contract.

Once we’ve completed the electricity comparison, we’ll present your business with the most competitive business electricity offers and show you how much you can be saving on your existing electricity bills.

We’ll then secure the new preferred agreement for you and continue to work with you each year to ensure your electricity costs are as low as possible, through our lifetime broking offering and other energy solutions.

By comparing with Choice Energy, business electricity comparison also costs you nothing as we get paid by the winning retailer.

Where Can I Compare Business Electricity Plans?

As you may know, there is an abundance of energy comparison services available on the internet. This makes it overwhelming to navigate which is right for your business - and many do come with their limits:


  • Energy comparison websites typically offer a select range of business energy suppliers.

  • If you are on a large market contract, a business energy comparison website doesn't show if you can save from a more appropriate network tariff or other ways you may be able to save on energy costs.

  • Comparisons may not be truly unbiased.

  • Without dedicated support, the onus is on you to decide on your best option and keep on top of this annually.

At Choice Energy we are experts in comparing and procuring business electricity contracts and providing electricity procurement strategies for small, medium and large market clients.

We pride ourselves on helping businesses reduce their energy costs, offering genuine choice of the market through our extensive panel of retailers and lifetime broking services.

All you have to do is engage one of our expert electricity brokers for Brisbane who will work with you on a tailored strategy to reduce your energy costs and the best part is, it's free!

How to Find the Best Brisbane Business Electricity Rates?

When searching for the best business electricity rates in Brisbane, the three avenues are speaking directly to a retailer, using a comparison website, or working with a dedicated broker like Choice Energy who can do this for you for free.

You aren't typically rewarded for loyalty by staying with the same business energy supplier and the onus is on you to ensure they are providing competitive rates from across the market. If you are on a large-market contract, a business energy supplier won't typically tap you on the shoulder to alert you of other cost savings such as a more optimal network tariff or whether solar could help you save.

With Choice Energy’s extensive industry knowledge and panel of electricity retailers, and range of energy solutions, our expert consultants can help you find the most competitive deals on the market providing you with an impartial and independent view.

As we have relationships with the retailer, we often have exclusive best electricity rates for businesses that you can access. We’ll then leverage our expertise to continue to help you save in other ways.

After saving businesses right across Brisbane hundreds to thousands in their electricity costs, you can be assured you’re in good hands with a trusted energy partner.

What Should I Consider When Comparing Business Electricity Plans?

When comparing business electricity plans in Queensland, there are several factors that you should consider to help you choose the best option for your business.

As a small Brisbane business, here are some things you should consider when comparing business electricity plans:

  1. Renewable energy options: If you have plans for your business to "go green", consider plans that offer renewable energy options such as solar power.

  2. Pay on Time discounts: Pay on Time discounts don't always mean you're on the best rates..

  3. Loyalty: Retailer’s don't typically reward loyalty, so why be loyal to them?

  4. Review regularly: Actively review your small business electricity plan every year. Annual market changes occur each year which may impact what pricing is available so don’t be afraid to shop around.

Leave the energy stuff to the experts and engage one of our expert energy brokers today. For free


“At a time when everyone could use a little help to save a dollar, Choice Energy helped our business find a new energy retailer at the same cost, without incurring the annual increase proposed by our old energy retailer.

Included was independent metering to be able to verify bills easily and the process also helped us get a demand reset as part of a solution that delivers our business a saving of over $20,000.

These guys can handle everything… Great job Choice Energy.”

— David Maillard, Financial Controller, Beaconsfield Home Timber & Hardware

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