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As a leader in your field, and a cornerstone for your township or suburb, your values are constantly on display for patrons and locals alike. Health care and education are united by many key values, demanding excellence, care and fortitude from all involved, and work with people at every life stage and circumstance.

Commercial solar is a business savvy solution that not only ensures your energy bills are kept in control, but also improves your sustainability profile, and shows your company as future focused, innovative and environmentally conscious.

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A sustainable and practical energy solution

With patients and patrons relying on you to provide quality care and education, it’s essential that energy is on demand at all times. Contrary to some beliefs, investing in commercial solar does not compromise on this at all: While the sun is shining, you’re producing clean, cost free energy that your business can use to power lighting, equipment and technology. During the evening, you’ll have access to grid-energy as you need it, and thanks to your power saving solar system, may even pay less for the grid-energy you are using.

    How substantial are savings through commercial solar?

    We’re not talking about marginal ‘turn off the lights’ kinds of savings when it comes to investing in commercial solar. For businesses with high daytime demand, your solar system is not only reducing your energy needs, but also your energy demand during some of the most expensive peak periods. Many education and healthcare businesses see a 30 - 70% reduction in their daytime energy spend, translating to tens of thousands of dollars saved each year.

      “Our Choice Energy experience has been one that I could not rate highly enough.

      Everyone from the first phone call to the last, has been a pleasure to deal with. All requests were dealt with promptly and Choice has exceeded our expectations. Installation was organised in a timely manner that suited our schedule and was completed with very little fuss.

      We would highly recommend Choice to schools who are wanting to improve their green footprint and save money at the same time”

      — Paula Ellis, Administrator, Holy Rosary Primary School, White Hills

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