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UFS Dispensaries is a not-for-profit, community based organisation running twenty pharmacies (including three Melbourne based pharmacies), three Medical Centres, and a day spa & well-being centre Peace & Quiet, throughout Western Victoria, Australia. UFS is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. Over the years they’ve introduced several initiatives with this goal in mind.
How we helped

UFS enlisted Choice Energy to provide a quality turnkey solar solution across nine sites, with a total of 190kW.

By installing commercial solar across nine sites, UFS will reduce its carbon footprint significantly.

As part of Choice Energy’s solar solution, we also acquired approximately $105,000 in government rebates to help UFS fund the systems.

UFS Doveton St



Through solar, UFS is projected to save $500,000 over ten years.


Choice Energy will deliver solar across nine locations.


Choice Energy secured $105,000 in government rebates to help UFS fund the solar installations.

Customer Quote
“We went through a rigid process when we were looking to install solar panels and looked at other companies. And it really came back to that we believe Choice Energy had an alignment in values with UFS so it wasn’t just a dollars and cents things, it was a value alignment. Solar will reduce our impact on our environment and that’s very important to us and our members.”

- Chris Martin, Operations, UFS

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