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The King David School offers Armadale and the surrounding eastern suburbs a progressive Jewish education from prep to Year 12, with a focus on inclusion, egalitarianism and social justice.

The adoption of technology in the name of improving sustainability strongly aligns with The King David School ethos. Their decision to invest in solar is not only an economical one, but one that furthers their belief in creating a future for their students to thrive in.

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Securing approximately $60,000 in government funding, Choice Energy created a turnkey 130kW solar solution that will reduce The King David School's grid energy usage by around 80%.

Utilising an innovative app, the students of King David are now able to monitor electricity generation and consumption at each campus in real time, furthering their education in green power and the environmental impact.

Read more about how King David students are being educated about a sustainable future here.

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The solar system installed reduces the greenhouse gas emission equivalent of 27.1 passenger vehicles per year.


The King David School received approx. $60,000 in government funding for their solar system.


80% of the school's energy is now solar generated.

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