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Trevaskis Engineering began in 1959 as a father son partnership performing basic sheet metal work and jobbing from a farm workshop. From these humble beginnings it has developed into a unique workshop specialising in precision punching, cutting, forming and pressing of sheet metal.

After noticing significant increases on their energy bill, the owners were keen to explore how they could rely less on the grid for their energy and save more.

Trevaskis Engineering
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After receiving a solar feasibility assessment from Choice Energy, it was identified solar would provide significant cost savings to the business – and reduce its vulnerability to rising wholesale costs from the grid.

Choice Energy also secured over $46,686 in government rebates to help fund the cost of the system.



Through solar, the company will save $1.4 million over 25 years


Choice Energy secured over $46,686 in government rebates to help fund the cost of the system.


The 90kW system allows the business to produce a significant amount of its own energy, rather than relying on the grid.

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