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Perry Certified Strawberry Runner Growers are premier suppliers of strawberry plants in Victoria. The business is situated on a property that has 24 separate meters and NMIs (National Metering Identifier) which at the time was creating significant issues with the business’ power costs. The business is also located in an area that incurs the most expensive electricity distribution costs in Victoria.

In an effort to reduce the business’ exposure to rising costs from the grid – and be more efficient with the energy it uses, the owners engaged with Choice Energy.

Perry Certified Strawberry-Runner Growers
How we helped

Choice Energy undertook an assessment of the business’ energy bills to identify ways they could save.

It was identified that a turnkey solar solution would help the business owners save on their energy costs significantly, where they’d actually be saving on electricity costs from day one and the system would be paid off in four years.

Additionally, Choice Energy ran a group procurement energy tender across Perry Family Farms' 24 separate meters, netting more than $17,000 in savings post-solar install.

The reduction in daytime demand of nearly 60% will insulate the business against future price rises with room for expansion if the business continues to grow.



Choice Energy ran a group energy tender of the 24 meters, netting the business $17,000 in savings per year


By installing solar, the business is expected to reduce its daytime demand on the grid by 60%

Day 1

The system provided electricity savings for the business from day one

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