+ Invest in commercial solar and receive $1,000 cash back (systems <50kW) or a 3kW residential solar system (systems >50kW).*

How does the assessment work?

Reach out

We'll match you with one of our skilled energy experts, who will ask you a few questions about your business, and what's concerning you about your current energy costs.

This lets us establish your industry, current energy needs and other key information that will help us in the journey to lowering your bills.


In order to explore the possibilities, we'll request a Letter of Authorisation (LOA) from you. This LOA means we have permission to investigate on your behalf what opportunities you might have with energy retailers etc.

Likewise, you might be asked for your last couple of bills, just so we can work on identifying those key areas of concern.


You can relax while your energy expert does the heavy lifting. We'll identify options for your procurement, check tariffs and a variety of other key activities that can assist in reducing your bills.

If solar is also an opportunity, you might have a feasibility assessment also done to start the process.

Our mission is simple. We’re here to help you reduce energy costs for your business.

✔ We do the hard work, letting you run your business while we discover more opportunities for you to save

✔ Friendly, experienced team ready to create a comprehensive energy solution that future-proofs your energy costs.

✔ We're a comprehensive business, ensuring a full 360 service from solar to procurement. No stone is left unturned when it comes to reducing your energy bills and giving you confidence.

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We know energy costs matter to you, because we've worked with businesses like yours.

“At a time when everyone could use a little help to save a dollar, Choice Energy helped our business find a new Energy retailer at the same cost, without incurring the annual increase proposed by our old energy retailer. Included was independent metering to be able to verify bills easily and the process also helped us get a demand reset as part of a solution that delivers our business a saving of over $20,000. These guys can handle everything…Great job Choice Energy.”

— David Maillard, Financial Controller, Beaconsfield Home Timber & Hardware

Terms and conditions apply. Invest in <50kW and receive $1000 cashback or Invest in >50kW and gain a complimentary 3kW fully installed residential solar system. Valid only for commercial solar systems when deposit is paid by December 31 2020. Choice Energy reserves the right to find ineligible any Participant in the Program at its sole discretion. Valid only for commercial solar systems when deposit is paid by December 31 2020.

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Take power back and reduce your energy costs. Provide us with a snapshot of your business and energy needs and we'll be in touch.