Moe Racing Club has been bringing fun, leisure and excitement to the local area for decades. The magnificent Baw Baw Ranges as a backdrop makes it a beautiful location for families to pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a fun filled day at the races when visiting in the area, or relaxed dining at the Turfside Bar and Grill.

With growing energy bills in a volatile market, Moe Racing Club sought a solution that allowed them to focus on being the continuing location of choice for country racing and family friendly fun.


With the expert assistance of a senior energy manager from Choice Energy, Moe Racing Club secured a new 36 month agreement that saw a $25,300 per annum reduction in comparison to their current estimate.

Horse Racing



The new agreement will save Moe Racing Club by 38%


Moe Racing Club is now set to save around $25,300 per annum thanks to their new agreement

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