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From humble beginnings as a small pub in 1864, the Avoca Hotel has grown to become a local Adelaide favourite. Over the years it has stayed true to its community roots, supporting countless sports clubs across the state, and more recently, becoming home to the Returned and Services League (RSL).

Australia’s energy crisis left businesses feeling confused and frustrated with the ever-increasing cost of power. The hotel industry, which provides a significant contribution of South Australia’s economy and employment across the state, have incurred up to a 260% increase in power prices since 2015. Many businesses have been concerned about how to effectively keep energy cost down to be able to stay profitable.

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Avoca Hotel engaged Choice Energy in 2017, as a sponsor of the AHA SA. The owners gained valuable insights in person and discussed the key areas that could help reduce costs for the business.

Choice Energy included the business in a group tender with other AHA SA members, and as a result, was able to secure contract rates over the next 36 month which will reduce the business’ energy retail costs by $90,000 compared to its previous contract rates.

We also conducted a network tariff assessment which identified a further reduction on the KVA Demand.



Choice Energy saved Avoca Hotel $30,000 per year through the group procurement tender


By undertaking the network tariff assessment, Choice Energy identified $4,600 in savings per year


Choice Energy secured a better offer for the hotel’s gas, saving another $7,000 per year

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