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Since 1979, Caronlab Australia has been dedicated to helping create better salons by delivering superior waxing products, exceptional service and industry leading education.
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To combat rising electricity costs, Caronlab enlisted Choice Energy to provide a 60kW turnkey solar solution.

Our energy procurement expert then negotiated the business a new energy retail contract securing $20,000 in savings over a three-year contract period.

It is not uncommon for energy bills to feature incorrect charges, and Caronlab was seeking protection from this risk.

As such, Choice Energy also installed a digital meter onsite, providing us with a direct feed to Caronlab’s energy usage. This gives us the ability to compare what the facility should be charged versus the amount it is billed by the retailer, to then pursue the energy retailer for applicable credits in the event the business has been overcharged.



The solar system will offset close to 70% of its peak energy usage


Caronlab is expected to save approximately $40,000 per year through solar


$20,000 in retail electricity savings over a three-year period

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