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Parrotdog Brewery was conceived in 2011 out of a love of beer by three guys called Matt, located in Lyall Bay, Wellington NZ.

Focusing on creating approachable, award winning beer, Parrotdog Brewery has expanded to now include a Bar and Cellar Door, expanding their offerings with great food and a unique experience. Patrons can enjoy a brewery tour, participate in a pub quiz, or grab themselves one of Parrotdog's ten famous brews, or something from their limited release Pilot Series L.B. Beer.

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Parrotdog experience a consistently high demand for energy, and a desire to align their day to day operations with their values. Working closely with Choice Energy, it was established that a 50kW solar system would not only lower their grid energy demand and bills, but also make significant impact on the brewery's carbon foot print.



The system installed by Choice Energy was a 50kW turnkey solar system


The carbon footprint equivalent to the new solar system is the same as taking 10.6 cars off the road each year.


The carbon reduction of their new solar system is the equivalent to carbon sequestered by 811 tree seedlings over 10 years.

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