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Established in 1997, P'Petual is an industry pioneer of greenhouse farming in Australia. As one of the largest greenhouse vegetable growers in the country, they produce a wide range of tomatoes, cucumbers and eggplants to leading supermarkets and greengrocers.

With 12 hectares of greenhouses fitted with specialist equipment, as well as office and manufacturing needs, it is essential for P'petual to optimise their energy spend.

How we helped

In 2020, Choice Energy assisted P'Petual Holdings by securing a forward contract for electricity, saving the business $176,000 in energy bills.

As a large gas user, Choice Energy was then also able to secure a forward contract for their gas bills that saw a $373,000 saving over a 3 year period.



By utilising forward contracting, the customer is set to save over $137,000 on electricity.


Expert energy management has seen a total anticipated saving of $373,000 on gas bills over a 3 year period

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