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Fabbris Smallgoods is a leading manufacturer of Australian Pork with produce aimed at gourmet consumers. It distributes products across Australia and New Zealand. Headquartered out of their processing facilities in Campbellfield, the business’ need for electricity and peak demand loads is extremely high.

Running 24- hour refrigeration as well as an abundance of processing equipment meant Fabbris were forced to find a solution to offset rising costs.

Fabbris Small Goods
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The owners engaged Choice Energy in an effort to consolidate its energy suppliers and reduce the demand from the network, resulting in improved operational expenditure and lower running costs.

After working with Choice Energy for over three years and achieving savings of over $100,000 per year through contract negotiation and network reassignment, they wanted to investigate the business case for reducing the business’ reliance on the grid.

Choice Energy ran a solar feasibility assessment and identified significant savings by installing a turnkey 60kW commercial solar system, despite the limited roof space of the building.

The business will save more through a bespoke power factor correction system, which was installed to reduce peak loads that often exceeded 400kVa.

Through these solutions, the Fabbris Smallgoods owners can be confident that the increases in the wholesale cost of power and their network charges, won’t impact their bottom line to the same extent.



By partnering with Choice Energy, Fabbris Smallgoods gained more than $100,000 savings per year (over three years) through network reassignment and contract negotiation


By investing in a 60kW turnkey solar system, the business will produce its own energy, reducing exposure to the grid


By investing in commercial solar, the business is expected to save $10,000 per year for the next 25 years

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