The Australian Vending Machine Company Pty Ltd was established in 1980 as a small family-owned company supplying vending equipment to hotels and petrol and convenience stores. With several national supply agreements in place amplifying success, Avem Pty Ltd, was born.

How we helped
Choice Energy engaged Avem Quirks with a solution to navigate their current high energy prices by negotiating a better-suiting, long-term electricity contract. By moving the client to a 4-year contract, we avoided large changes to rates between the old and new arrangement whilst achieving stability over the next four years.

High Change Rates Avoided

By agreeing to a long-term contract, the client was able to mitigate large changes to rates between contracts.

Favourable Retailer

As part of tender negotiations, Avem Quirks consumption profile was married to the electricity retailer that provided the most favourable pricing based on their time of use, resulting in reduced overall grid power costs.

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