Aussie Lift & Shift is an industry-leading company that rents and sells equipment designed for moving materials or people in any type of work environment. They have numerous types of equipment that will provide a moving solution at your working site.

Assisting in a multi-site solution across VIC & NSW our expert energy consultants devised separate energy procurement strategies for both to help the business reduce their energy costs.
In Victoria, the electricity contract was procured months in advance of the contract end date. This resulted in securing similar rates to their existing contract and avoiding the increased rates that would have been passed on to them from the rising wholesale energy market in the third quarter of 2022.
Due to the anticipated changes to the business operations over the new contract period, consideration was given to build load flexibility into the four-year contract to keep future costs consistent and mitigate possible penalties as their energy consumption changes.
In New South Wales, the business's power is predominantly used when the sun is down and over weekends. Our expert consultants were able to secure a retailer with favourable rates at these specific times which reduced the effects of the high NSW energy prices.


2 sites

Our energy consultants were able to provide solutions across the business’s two sites, in Victoria and New South Wales, helping the business reduce their energy costs over the next four years.

A great fit

By sourcing a retailer that had favourable peak rates meant greater savings for the business at its busiest time of day.

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